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Frequently Answered Questions

How much does it cost?

GigaTools Pro is a monthly subscription fee. To see our pricing plans, click here

What is GigaTools Pro?

Take a look at this short video to get an overview of the features and benefits of GigaTools Pro

What are Users?

Each User represents one person who uses your GigaTools Pro Account. Each user gets their own site login. Accounts with multiple Users can keep track of who does what with our activity feed as well as manage access to certain information such as contact and financial data and which Artists each User can manage so if you have multiple staff responsible for different duties in your organisation you can easily handle that.

What are Artists?

Each Artist represents one person, band or group whose Gigs are being managed. An Artist can be one or more people, for example if you're booking Gigs for a band with multiple members, all of those members will make up one 'Artist'. Each member of an Artist can be included in all the communication involved in each Gig.

GigaTools or GigaTools Pro?

What is the difference between regular GigaTools and the new GigaTools Pro? GigaTools Pro is a completely new system designed from the ground up to book and manage Gigs. The original GigaTools is designed to simply list your Gigs online and remove the hassle out of updating multiple websites with the same data. We have combined all of the original GigaTools features into the new GigaTools Pro so that artists, labels and agents can now book Gigs and instantly publish details of these online and on social media making the entire booking and promotion process even faster and easier!

If you're an existing GigaTools user and wish to upgrade to GigaTools Pro you will no longer need your previous GigaTools account, all the original GigaTools features are included in GigaTools Pro.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan or cancel your Account at any time. There are no fixed contract terms.

Terms & Conditions

You can find our complete Terms & Conditions here.