GigaTools Pro is a complete end to end booking management solution for Artists, Agents & labels.

GigaTools Pro manages the entire process of taking booking requests, booking Gigs, generating documents, communicating with Artists, Agents & Promoters as well as promoting this information online & via social media.

Whether you’re managing 5 or 50 artists, GigaTools Pro is the easiest way to manage and track every aspect of booking and promoting Gigs.

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Advanced Document Management

GigaTools Pro offers you the most advanced online document management tools to Create, Edit, Send and Track all documents for each of your Gigs. Directly edit Contracts, Invoices & Gig Riders in the browser with no coding required then send these as PDFs to whoever you want.

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Expert Contact Management

Manage your contacts database with custom tags for easy grouping and filtering as well as tracking the date & time of each interaction allowing you to stay up to date with the people you've been in touch with recently and those you haven't.

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Manage The Conversation

Track all emails sent and received by you and your agents and stay in control of the conversation for each event you book.

Leave nothing to chance by storing the complete history of all interactions between you, your company and all of your contacts that you're booking events with.

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Custom Gig Riders

Create customised Gig Riders / Itineraries and send these to promoters online ensuring you collect all the info you need for your artists before they perform. With our Gig Rider template generator you can create as many templates as you need such as one for each of your artists or a custom Gig Rider for a specific venue.

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Booking Requests

Create customised Booking Request forms and install these on your website or Facebook Page or email them directly to promoters. Create a unique Booking Request Form for each of your artists or for any specific use case with no coding required. With our easy to use template generator you can create as many Booking Request forms as you want and reuse these at will.

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Custom Invoices

Automatically create customised invoices for each of your Gigs and use our Invoicing tool to create and keep track of invoices for any other aspects of your Gigs such as travel or accommodation costs. GigaTools Pro also offers financial analytics tools for you to track and report the financial performance of your entire organisation.

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Custom Contracts

Take the hassle out of editing Contracts by creating multiple Contract templates. Need a specific Contract for an artist every time he performs at a certain venue? no problem. Simply create one Contract template for that use case and reuse it every time you need it. Create as many templates as you want and switch between these as needed, no coding required.

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Advanced Task Management

Take the hassle out of management by staying on top of every aspect of your teams bookings. Keep track of who did what and when and create custom tasks to manage anything that needs doing outside of your usual booking management process.

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In App Calendaring

Manage all your calendaring needs right within the GigaTools Pro Dashboard, subscribe to external calendar feeds or create your own dates within the App, freeing you of the need to manage a separate iCal or Google Calendar App.

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Artist Dashboard

Give each of your artists their own unique GigaTools Pro login allowing them to see and download, at a glance, all the details of their upcoming Gigs including dates, fees, riders and all other relevant information viewable from the web or a mobile device.

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